When it comes to taking care of our senior citizens, there are a number of choices. The choice depends on your preferences and the physical and mental condition of the concerned senior. You can choose from a variety of options – respite care, assisted living, day care etc. It goes without saying that the cost of every kind of care is increasing. However, if you can plan the care giving well, you can afford to take good care of your elder at affordable cost.

Keep your elder at home

That may well be the best thing to do; take good care of your mom or pop at home. That also saves some money. However, to do that you need to engage one of your family members as primary caregiver for the elder. That entails quite a problem for the primary caregiver. He or she is engaged with the elder round the clock. If the elder is suffering from dementia or has any physical or mental disability, the task of the primary caregiver becomes tough. He or she may himself or herself suffer from poor health, disability or some chronic condition. So the primary caregiver needs some rest. He needs a break; at least a short one. Choose a houston respite care and get your senior member in it for some time. The elder will receive good care; may be even better than home. The primary caregiver will get much needed respite from the daily grind of looking after a demented or disabled senior. This is a temporary arrangement and you have to take the senior member home after some time. However, if you want to continue the arrangement, you need to look for other arrangements like assisted living, senior living or day care facilities. However, before deciding on any particular arrangement you need to calculate the long term cost of senior living.

Assisted living

Assisted living prices have been increasing every year. However, it woun’t be right to say that they are increasing by leaps and bounds. Assisted living facilities offer help to the residents in their basic daily activities. This includes basic health care services, social activities, recreational services etc. Recreational and social activities are very important parts of any senior living facility. These activities uplift the moods of senior residents and make their life better. However, you need to incur additional expenditure for these services. The total cost of assisted living consists of rent and fees for services whose amount depends on the level of attention needed by the senior. If the elder is suffering from Alzheimer or dementia, he or she needs memory care. Such costs push up assisted living prices. In fact such assisted living costs can become quite a burden on families.

Day care

You can make do with a day care facility. This is a much more affordable proposition compared to Assisted living. Get the adult to a nearby day care facility in the morning and bring him or her back to home at the end of the day. If the elder needs medical care, the cost goes up by about 5-10%.