A few years ago media frenzy and hype highlighted the issue of radon poisoning and its effects. It raised many eyebrows at the time of being reported and an air of doubt and skepticism was observed.Presently, better research has influenced two things to clear:

  • Raised levels of radon over a drawn out stretch of time can cause lung malignancy
  • There are successful approaches to decrease these levels.


How radon produce in air?

However, despite thorough different research, the safe and acceptable levels of radon are undetermined yet methods to test for the presence of radon and decrease its concentration i.e. radon mitigation have been successfully come across. The important question that arises is that what is radon and why do we need to be so concerned about its concentration. Radon is actually a radioactive element produced as a result of the decomposition of Uranium. It is naturally found in air and the soils in minor concentrations.

It becomes a fatal threat when its concentration increases the standard level of 4 picocurie per liter. It is highly radioactive and enters the lungs when we breathe in air polluted with high concentrations of radon. When it is inside the lungs it decomposes further producing radon daughter elements and damaging lung tissue in the process making it vulnerable to fall a prey to lung cancer. Since it is a colorless and odorless gas its detection is very difficult. It is almost impossible to detect its presence without Radon testing.

Methods of radon removal:

There are two major types of methods used for testing namely the short term and long term tests. The short term tests deliver tests faster and only require 2 hours to a week to detect the presence and concentration of radon. Whereas the long term tests, as the name indicates require a longer time period which may range somewhere between 3 months to a year to conclude the amount of radon. Experts prefer long term tests as they are way more accurate and precise in their results as compared to short term tests.

There are some important things that need to be kept in mind regarding radon gas.Be vary about having a radon test conducted before you buy or rent any property. Even while constructing a space either radon testing for the time being and repeat it periodically or invest in an automatic radon testing system which would be more beneficial as it will save you the time and effort spent in test repeating after some interval. Another important thing in this regard is that even if radon mitigation has been performed you still need to repeat the test just to ensure the problem, which doesn’t reoccur.

This is essential because radon poisoning is a problem that has no permanent solution. Radioactive matter naturally exists in the core of the earth and it continues to decay and produce daughter elements at every instance being highly reactive. And the only way to keep a check on the level of radon concentration is to repeat radon testing occasionally or as recommended by the experts.